Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dressing A Daughter

Things have been a bit crazy for us this past well, couple of years. What with my change of career and going back to school, and Woody's joining of the Army. Finances have been tight, schedules have been hectic. Vacation's been scarce (Waaaah! Enough about that). I used to have money to buy not just practical outfits from Target and Old Navy, which are cute but let's face it, a bit uninspired, to more stylish baby clothes from Baby Gap, Ralph Lauren, Lucky Kid, and Baby Dior (kidding about Dior). See, Mina for the fist 1.5 year of her life had no shortage of cute outfits. We had clothes galore from my baby shower, from gifts for her first birthday given by relatives and friends. We had a huge birthday party for her 1st one so that comes as no surprise.

Behold, an absence of pink!

Finally! She likes milk.


Mina Love


Her second was a bit more understated. We got mostly cash. Her cute outfits are dwindling. Most of the stuff in her closet are proudly marked Target and Old Navy. Both stores like a lot of pink and I vowed to NOT dress her all pink before I had her. I tell you, it's hard!

I've been delegating her care to her Dad a lot more these days, since I'm so busy with school. Once he's gone, care will go to my Mom most likely, who has no problems with pink. But I was inspired lately by Sweet Fine Day's Jenna, who dresses her kids in stylish, low on pink fashion. I love it. I must admit I whipped out the credit card and just dropped a little over a hundred dollars on 5 pieces of clothes and shoes for the little one over at Crewcuts and yes, Baby Gap! This after already dropping some cash for more (pink!) stuff at Target the other day.

No, I didn't buy her Stella McCartney's new collection for babyGap (Lord, they are expensive!). I noticed most of the stuff I ended up buying were still in the pink family, but they call it guava, and light flamingo. I bought her pink shoes too. Ok, so that was a fail in no pink. But they were the only cute things on sale. Crewcuts isn't in the vicinity of Old Navy pricing.

Anyway, what's my point? My point is, I am overly concerned with how my daughter dresses. I secretly gloat that she is one of the best-dressed kid in her class. I love, love, love that she's a girl. Cause no matter how many cutesy things they try to come up for boys, it's just not as fun. For example, look at this cute picture:

Mina added the flower and tutu

I think that picture says it all. She insisted on adding the flower and tutu to the outfit by the way.

Mina, when you're older and read this, I hope you appreciate how cutely I tried to dress you.


Hazel aka Zizzy said...

I agree. Girls are just cuter to dress! Ugh. I still am praying for a baby girl for meself hahah iknow how that seems impossible at the moment. but who knows?

and yeah, no matter how hard you try to avoid cliches, you'll find yourself more and more inclined to it sooner or later. :p

Mina's cute in ANY color anyway :)

Tony said...

I agree she is cute no matter the make or color of her clothing. I love you Mina!