Monday, February 7, 2011

Sabine Mina updates

So long since my last post! I am so glad to be posting here.

I wanted to write down your stats quickly:

Age: You're 3.5 mos old.
Height: 3 ft 5 inc (according to Kaboose height predictor you should grow to be 5'7...let us hope!)
Weight: 34 lbs.

You can do everything you set your mind to little girl! Your drawings are chicken scratch still unless I really encourage you to set your mind to it. You want the drawings to be representative of how object actually look so you get dismayed when yours don't. We'll keep trying baby girl! Except you're not really a baby anymore!

You're not very physically adventurous or aggressive so you remain relatively scrape/cuts/bruises free :D

Ignore the color, it's from an iPhone. That is you pretending to be a cat.

You have a very vivid imagination tho and love pretending you are different types of animals. Cats, dogs, pumas, lions and tigers are your favorite animals with which to play pretend. You like making up words to your own songs, love reading, lip gloss, this show called Horseland, shoes, clothes, and every girlie thing imaginable.

Your Daddy isn't here right now and you're acting out a bit. We've made an agreement. You will listen and I will stop yelling! Great idea right? <--your favorite phrase when trying to sell me on an idea.

You're so-so on ballet but I keep taking you because i want a solid foundation for your posture. You don't want Mommy's slouch. Also, it's good discipline.

Mommy and Daddy love you so much. You are our precious girl!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Before I forget

At your doctor's visit on the 14th of December here were your stats:

Weight: 29 lbs. 50-75th %
Height: 37 inc. 75-90 %

I don't remember your head circumference but it was big :b

You're in full contrary mode right now. It's very difficult. Mommy always feels like the bad guy. Your Mama never scolds you. Your dad is a softie (just cause he's such a dear), and I am always the one yelling, disciplining you. Now whenever I start telling you "NO", you start whining immediately for Daddy. Breaks my heart. Let's hope this doesn't continue when you're older. Here's to wishing.

P.S. Mommy has her days but I love you so much.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Missing My Daughter

I don't work but I go to school full-time. It's tough. I am in an accelerated program and it is busy as busy can be. True, we are in class only 2x a week from 5:30-10p but when you've got two tests in one week, each covering 10-14 chapters EACH, you better be hitting the books in between. Those 2 days, I already miss dinner, storytime and bedtime. Those other days when I'm with my study groups, or I'm in a library or book store studying all by my lonesome, I miss a heck of a whole lot more.

So I miss Mina. My husband, yes I miss him too but he doesn't go around preferring someone else when I'm not around as much (I hope hehe). Mina does. She's Daddy's girl. I want her to be my girl because she is the absolute most adorable thing in my life.

Yesterday I took her to the park to make up for it. We brought food to feed the duckies and she looked so funny trying to throw it to them and having it land only a few feet in front of her. The ducks would go nowhere near it. Then I had her on the swing for a while. And she did the slides a few times. But her favorite part was the sand in the playground. She just sifted through her closed fists again and again, fascinated. She was barefoot, insisting I took off her boots and socks. This girl does not like playing in shoes anywhere except the house. I know some parents would have had a fit at the thought of all those germs in such a common area as a playground. But what the heck, I wanter her to play. I followed her, and played with her a little bit while messing with the sand but mostly I just watched. I wanted to take a picture of her but I remembered that I forgot to bring it. So the image of her just rolling the sand through her fingers will just forever be in my mind. Her hair in a ponytail, her pink tracksuit smudged with dirt and chocolate, her bare toes peeking out from under her bottom. It's all in my mind. And I hope to never forget it.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dressing A Daughter

Things have been a bit crazy for us this past well, couple of years. What with my change of career and going back to school, and Woody's joining of the Army. Finances have been tight, schedules have been hectic. Vacation's been scarce (Waaaah! Enough about that). I used to have money to buy not just practical outfits from Target and Old Navy, which are cute but let's face it, a bit uninspired, to more stylish baby clothes from Baby Gap, Ralph Lauren, Lucky Kid, and Baby Dior (kidding about Dior). See, Mina for the fist 1.5 year of her life had no shortage of cute outfits. We had clothes galore from my baby shower, from gifts for her first birthday given by relatives and friends. We had a huge birthday party for her 1st one so that comes as no surprise.

Behold, an absence of pink!

Finally! She likes milk.


Mina Love


Her second was a bit more understated. We got mostly cash. Her cute outfits are dwindling. Most of the stuff in her closet are proudly marked Target and Old Navy. Both stores like a lot of pink and I vowed to NOT dress her all pink before I had her. I tell you, it's hard!

I've been delegating her care to her Dad a lot more these days, since I'm so busy with school. Once he's gone, care will go to my Mom most likely, who has no problems with pink. But I was inspired lately by Sweet Fine Day's Jenna, who dresses her kids in stylish, low on pink fashion. I love it. I must admit I whipped out the credit card and just dropped a little over a hundred dollars on 5 pieces of clothes and shoes for the little one over at Crewcuts and yes, Baby Gap! This after already dropping some cash for more (pink!) stuff at Target the other day.

No, I didn't buy her Stella McCartney's new collection for babyGap (Lord, they are expensive!). I noticed most of the stuff I ended up buying were still in the pink family, but they call it guava, and light flamingo. I bought her pink shoes too. Ok, so that was a fail in no pink. But they were the only cute things on sale. Crewcuts isn't in the vicinity of Old Navy pricing.

Anyway, what's my point? My point is, I am overly concerned with how my daughter dresses. I secretly gloat that she is one of the best-dressed kid in her class. I love, love, love that she's a girl. Cause no matter how many cutesy things they try to come up for boys, it's just not as fun. For example, look at this cute picture:

Mina added the flower and tutu

I think that picture says it all. She insisted on adding the flower and tutu to the outfit by the way.

Mina, when you're older and read this, I hope you appreciate how cutely I tried to dress you.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hi Mina Bina

Here's mommy popping in for a quick update again.

Your stats:
Weight: stuck at 28 lbs. You've gained like 4 oz. in 1 year.
Height: 3 ft! According to the height predictors you should be at least 5'6 as an adult. We'll see.
Mood: most of the time, very contrary but tonight, extremely cooperative, cute, charming. We were at a Pho restaurant with your Dad and you charmed the pants off everyone. Why we didn't get a free meal out of it I'll never know (hehe)
Achievements: You made a stack out of 4 thin cylindrical sticks! Very impressive. You recognize and name the letters M and O. You know your colors except you don't have brown, gray and purple down yet. Your favorite song is Shakira's She-Wolf. Don't ask me why. You like to play ring around the rosy.

The other day you made a swipe at me as if to hit me, but you missed on purpose. Then you asked "Are you happy, Mommy? I didn't hit you!" Hahah! Classic.

We love you. Till the next update.